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Four of the Best Small Business Insurance Providers

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Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, even inside offices, business premises, and commercial spaces. This is why businesses and owners need to be protected in case of accidents occurring in the workplace.

The average business claim is $35,000, which can dramatically set back any small business. If you’re a business owner, don’t leave yourself vulnerable; make sure you get the necessary insurance to cover liabilities when accidents happen.

Here are four of the best small business insurance advertisers in the US:


Founded in 1926 as Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, this small business insurance provider changed its name to Nationwide in 1955 to include a bigger scope among different industries. The company features a total of 14 industry specialists, offering simple and straightforward business insurance solutions. The company is available in all states except Hawaii and Alaska.

An international company with agents all over the country, Hiscox sets itself apart from other small business insurance companies by offering personalized and specific-designed policies for independent and freelance contractors, aside from small companies. Freelancers like therapists, designers, fitness instructors, and janitors can avail of business insurance from the company.

Available nationwide, Hiscox is also found in 14 other countries.


Offering the best General Liability Insurance on our list, State Farm stands out by offering multiple types of coverage that range from workers’ compensation to commercial general liability. With agents all over the country, the company’s star power is its teams of agents, who also happen to be small business owners themselves, found all over the country.


One of the most recognized names in commercial insurance, Liberty Mutual makes it easy for beneficiaries to claim benefits. They offer 24-hour claims assistance, where claims can be made online or through an app.

Liberty Mutual is also the best company to offer streamlined BOPs or Business Owner’s Policies, which are available for many different industries. Furthermore, one of their stand-out products is single policies that contain multiple types of coverage.

Protect your business and yourself by guaranteeing you get the necessary small business insurance policies to cover any liabilities should an accident occur in your company’s workplace. But don’t just get a policy from any company, choose only the best, most qualified, and most recognized small business insurance providers that protect your business.

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