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3 Financial And Budgeting Apps You Need To Know About

3 Financial And Budgeting Apps You Need To Know About post thumbnail image

Keeping a close eye on your spending can be done in multiple ways including spreadsheets, pen, and paper, post-it notes but financial apps take the prize in terms of practicality. If you care about better money management, you need to get a budgeting or financial app but do not panic, there are tens of different apps that do this. Some better than others.

* OnTrees

OnTrees is a financial app that is dedicated to the US market. It has a desktop and mobile version. What it does is to collect bank account statements from all your providers and concatenate them in one simple app. It is a read-only service meaning you will not be able to make transactions with it.

The purpose of the app and why anyone would need OnTrees is to have a simple view of all their past expenses. Combined with a budgeting app, it can help you track your progress and determine if you are spending your money well or not. The app is free and works on any type of computer or mobile device.

* You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget or popularly called YNAB, is a very popular money management and budgeting app. It can be used to record consumption, plan expenses, and organize all your financial habits in one place. The app supports multiple currencies and works in all regions.

What makes the app so popular is the way it organizes expenses. Everything can be assigned to a different category, expenses can be grouped, and income can be divided and it can even track how much money is left at the end of each month. Simply put, every single dollar is tracked using YNAB. As great as the app may be, it is worth noting that it is not free. It costs a few dollars per month.

* Mint

Mint is quite similar to YNAB. Combined with OnTrees, it can provide a realistic view of your budgeting and finances and control expenditure. It is one of the most popular financial apps due to its simplicity and how it can manage expenses.

The app can be used to categorize expenses, link different banking accounts, track income, and even leftover cash. Everything can be organized into dashboards to provide a simple view over every single thing you spend money on. The app has a monthly subscription and is available on all mobile devices.

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