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Is Real Estate Speculation Worth It?

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Real estate investing is worth it when you know what you are doing. Speculation in particular has a different kind of approach. While most would focus on generating cash flow using real estate as a means of investment, real estate speculation focuses on asset appreciation.

What is Real Estate Speculation?

When people talk about real estate speculation they are betting that the property they buy will appreciate and will be able to sell it for a profit. Usually, markets that show continuous growth become flooded with speculators.

It can be very profitable but in the end, it is a bet that relies on stable economic conditions. When the economy is doing well, real estate appreciates. However, buying an asset on the brink of an economic collapse means that the asset can also depreciate.

How Risky Is It?

Usually, if someone wants to speculate and buy a piece of real estate, they need to wait until it appreciates. The risk is that the market may go down. At some point, it will recover as it always does but it can take years. Since most people that speculate take out mortgage loans, this means that they will have to rent it out to be able to make those monthly payments until the property increases in value again.

The bigger risk is having an impulsive reaction and sell the depreciated property at a loss. This is what most speculators call as cutting their losses. While it will stop the cash from bleeding, they will end up losing money which might have been avoided if they switched strategy and turned the property into a rental until it appreciates again.

Reducing Risks

To reduce risks, it is important to have good knowledge of the economic market. It is not enough to be well informed about the housing market. You also need to know if the economy is in a healthy state because when the market goes down, people lose jobs, houses and the real estate market tends to depreciate.

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