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How Can Someone Who Is Self-Employed Get Health Insurance

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Insurance For The Self-Employed.

If you have neither an employer nor employees, but you draw in taxable income, then you should obtain health insurance, in the form of an individual plan or a family plan. Some examples of individuals who might enroll for self-employed health insurance would be Freelancers, Independent contractors, and Consultants. Obtaining coverage for yourself will help you to avert paying off a penalty fee for not being covered. For that important reason I have composed a list of valuable organizations and rules, in which a self-employed entrepreneur can utilize to gain health coverage, the list goes as follows:

1. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

This U.S. law basically states that if one previously had access to a health program from a former employer, relative, or spouse, they can resume that program for an extra 36 months. Though caution would have to be taken, COBRA is oftentimes more costly than some other choices and the program can be considered only a temporary plan based on several restrictive guidelines.

2. The Healthcare Marketplace

One of the primary places small business owners can go to purchase health insurance is through An insurance exchange website operated under the U.S. federal government. An agent can be obtained through a company like SimplyInsured, they can assist you in obtaining an affordable health plan through the numerous options offered by this agency.

3. Health Benefits Through National Associations

There are several establishments like N.A.S.E. that provide health insurance as a benefit to joining. However, the cost of the associated fee may be greater than the benefits you receive. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who sign up with P.E.O. are able to obtain group health insurance for a low monthly fee. Professional Employer Organizations (P.E.O.), are institutions that outsource administration tasks like payroll and accounting, two good examples of P.E.O. are Zenefits and Justworks.


It is vital that one has health insurance, especially when they are self-employed, because they may end up spending more if they remain uninsured.

For the people who are self-employed, health insurance plans may be restrictive, and it may vary based on where they live and their income. That is why before one obtains health insurance coverage they would need to utilize their time to do research and reflect on the different things they can do to save money when purchasing health insurance coverage.

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